Climate controlled storage

Climate controlled storage
AllSize Storage in Laguna Niguel offers climate controlled storage units for general or business purposes. These storage units are designed to offer a steady temperature with the help of air conditioning or heating appliances. Our climate controlled storage can keep the temperature steady indefinitely with backup power option. Usually, any temperature between 55°F and 85°F can be maintained to ensure optimum environment inside the storage unit.
Choosing a climate controlled storage unit reduces the chances of bacterial growth, discoloring of the valuables, warping or cracking etc. that can happen due to harsh climatic conditions outside. They are an excellent option if your inventory includes perishable or sensitive stuff that requires a steady temperature to be viable for use.
With the help of our climate controlled storage units you can keep away dust, dirt, humidity, pests, termites etc. AllSize Storage is perfect for storing:
  • Photos and other memorabilia
  • Home goods
  • Wooden furniture
  • Leather goods
  • Electronic items
  • Musical instruments
    • Sports equipment
    • Antiques and artwork
    • Clothing
    • Eatables
    • DVDs, CDs, Vinyl Records, Cassettes, films etc.